Where is it coming from?

Sierra magazine ranked the University of Vermont fourth in the country on its annual “10 Coolest Schools” list for its commitment to the environment. Sierra graded schools on a 1-10 scale in eight categories and awarded bonus points for programs that were exceptional. UVM received a 9 score in efficiency, an 8 score in academics, administration, and purchasing, and a 7 score in energy, food, and waste management. UVM received four of five possible bonus points.

The University of Vermont has been named one of the nation’s “Top 25 Environmentally Responsible Schools” by the Kaplan College Guide 2009. UVMis cited for many achievements, including its wide range of ‘green’ course offerings and initiatives among students, faculty and the administration; the Dudley H. Davis Center, the first student union to receive LEEDGold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council; a top 20 finish in RecycleMania, an intercollegiate recycling competition; and the use of biodiesel buses on a campus the guide called “gorgeous.”

The University of Vermont has been named one of “America’s 10 Greenest Colleges and Universities” by Forbes.com. UVM is cited for its commitment to ensuring that all new construction meets Green Building Council certifications, for its use of biodiesel shuttles, and for its signing of the Presidents Climate Challenge to go carbon-neutral.

The Sustainable Endowments Institute has ranked UVM among the top six schools nationally for green practices and policies in its College Sustainability Report Card 2008. Specific programs helped boost UVM’s score including a dedication to: local food purchasing, diverting waste from landfills, a green policy for new construction, clean transportation and administrative practices.


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